Why You Should Relocate To Minot To Work In North Dakota

Moving To Minot North Dakota

When people here about North Dakota oil jobs they immediatly think of moving to Williston. The media has made Williston North Dakota the focus point on all the oil activity. Just because you here the media talking about Williston, it doesn't mean that's the only place to live. Here's why you you should relocate to Minot to work in North Dakota.

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North Dakota Oil Jobs

North Dakota Oil Jobs

The biggest oil play to be discovered in the lower 48 is none other than the Bakken Oilfield. There is said to be over a trillion barrels of oil in place. Thanks to the technological advancements the numbers predict we should be able to extract about 45 billion barrels of the oil so far. As technolgy advances, that number will increase. So what does that mean for people in search of North Dakota oil jobs? It means you can plan on finding a career in the North Dakota oilfields. The drilling will be going on for decades. So far, we have put in a little over 10,000 wells. The projections at this time indicate there will be 50,000+ wells drilled, and will most likely increase over time. Recent discoveries in the Three Forks Formation indicate there are several layers that can be drilled. Combine that with the Bakken play and there is enough oil here for hundreds of years. North Dakota has many jobs open in the oilfield with the average pay of an entry level job starting around $90,000. If you are thinking about changing careers, now is the time to find yourself some North Dakota oil jobs. Many areas are hiring for entry level workers. If you can handle working 12 hour shifts, and enjoy making $100,000+ a year, head to North Dakota.

Propane Prices Go Sky High In North Dakota

Many states in the upper Midwest are dealing with significantly higher prices for propane all due to supply problem caused by a late harvest, extremely cold temperatures, and a short term shutdown of a major supplier. It’s the perfect equation that has caused propane prices to go sky high in North Dakota.

It all started in October when many farmers were finally able to get into the field and try harvesting the rest of their corn right before the cold temps set in. A majority of the crop was still wet and needed to be dried with propane powered dryers to keep it from spoiling which created a huge spike in demand.

As luck would have it, (not really) much colder than normal temperatures hit the Midwest, making the demand higher. To go along with the cold weather, a major pipeline was shutdown from the end on November into late December which put a hurting on the availability of propane.

The pipeline is 1900 miles long (Cochin Pipeline) and carries propane from Canada down into North Dakota and Minnesota, down to Iowa and over to Illinois. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners owns the pipeline and said it was shutdown to install new pumps. The timing couldn’t have been worse but mother nature is not predictable.

Earlier in the year propane wasn’t even half the price it is right now. Some places are now reporting over $5 a gallon for propane in North Dakota. The numbers vary across the state depending upon location, but all of the propane prices in North Dakota have gone sky high. The question is how long will it last? These insane propane prices will hurt many people in the state of North Dakota as propane is the source for heating many homes, epecially in the rural areas. What we need now is a little cooperation from mother nature and some abnormally warm temperatures to send us into spring to keep the prices from getting out of control anymore.

How To Get An Oil Job In Minot North Dakota

North Dakota Oil Jobs

This is a bit of advice on how to get an oil job in Minot North Dakota. If you follow these steps, your search for the ultimate oil job in North Dakota may just be easier.

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Oil Companies In North Dakota Are On A Hiring Frenzy

Oil Job In Minot North Dakota http;//www.minotoiljbs.com

North Dakota’s oil patch is shifting into production mode. Now that the companies are able to easily drill producing wells, it’s time to ramp up production. Oil companies in North Dakota are on a hiring frenzy. One specific company that works in the Bakken is Power Fuels, a subsidiary of Nuverra Environmental Solutions is looking to add some 300 workers. Power Fuels is one of the largest oil field service companies in the Bakken.

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North Dakota Job Growth Will Continue

North Dakota Oil Jobs

North Dakota still holds the title for the nation’s lowest unemployment rate – 2.7%. Things seem to be getting better across the country, but for now North Dakota leads the nation with the lowest unemployment rate.

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